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Licenses & Certifications: 

- 4v4 Grassroots Course 

- 7v7 Grassroots Course 

- 9v9 Grassroots Course 

- 11v11 Grassroots Course 

- Safesport Qualified 

- Heads-up Concussion Qualified 

- US Soccer Background Check Qualified 

Teams coaching at Deportivo 59 FC

- Deportivo 59 FC 2014B Premier 

- Deportivo 59 FC 2013B Premier 

- Deportivo 59 FC 2012B Premier 

- Deportivo 59 FC 2012G Premier


Current staff coach for multiple teams at Deportivo 59 FC, Gabriel Corona has helped the club grow a lot since his arrival in 2021 by passing on his soccer knowledge to the youth teams to help athletes reach their highest potential. Coach Gabriel has always enjoyed this beautiful sport by playing at the highest level in the Chicagoland area at the amateur level famously known as 'Tinieblas' and continues to stay involved in this sport by helping the younger generations in the community develop and reach their highest potential in this sport being apart of Deportivo 59 FC.

Gabriel Corona

Staff Coach

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